Limited edition


139DEC is a fashion house, founded Aleksandr Karamyshev & Marina Karamysheva in 2014. We’ve captured many hearts of avant-garde passionates around the globe and achieved the love of those who refuse to reinvent themselves for rapidly-changing trends. Because it’s the most important thing for us when you remain true to yourself and to the unique sense of reality.

There are not only the shape and cut we work with, but also the plasticity of the fabric and the feelings it gives to the human body. Each garment is sewn by hand, acquires its own signature, and goes beyond the rules of "well-written". It gives freedom and looks like an ode to it. So that from “new” it becomes “eternal” — the one that you would not want to part with even many years later.


Carefully crafted deconstruction, raw-yet-refined garments, and endless hours of work in our lab. We study the fabric and its texture, experiment and derive our design formula through love for everything: the glint of an idea, the rustling of a sketch, the noise of a sewing machine and the way fabric moves through it.

We approach the creation of each collection with a calibrated precision and a clear understanding of what a material is and what its capabilities are, so we want to force it, revisit its structure and use. We’ve reduced severity to asymmetry, and fabrics — to fluid, but resistant to the external environment, materials: we blend linen and cotton, measure balance between nylon and denim, and texture the leather in such a way it becomes your second skin.

Our main goal is not to lose sight of a single detail. Instead, we assemble each element into combinations that easily crumble into atoms and seamlessly transition from uncompromising geometry to free-flowing silhouettes — they accentuate your body lines, rather than trying to fix them.


139DEC is a reimagined uniform that conveys dedication to style and its consistency. In a world scattered with turbulent trends, seasonality raises the white flag in front of the feeling that you want to live in these clothes.

Even when it’s finished, it’s still in progress: seeking out the right shape, adapting to your body and transforming feelings through the silhouette. This is a work on contrasts, not only in shades and volume, but also in the concept of a conventional design. We destroy the idea of a single-accented look and create an aesthetics of loudly speaking versatility — it is rooted in radicalism, minimalism and, above all, freedom. Even permissiveness.

139DEC is not literal quotes, it’s an expanded reissue of a personal vision of how clothes should feel: lively and tactile. It initiates a dialogue, but you always have the final say.