NOT ALONE: our first perfume is now live


In the new collection the designer brings an emotional message which is later received by the customer. This season we focused not on protection of our customer from bad weather conditions but on creation of a cocoon under the pressure of the surrounding reality.

Our goal is to make you feel protected with your own invulnerability being a part of inner calmness, the feeling which we perceive trying to make a thing not just a product but rather a bohemian bathyscaph, an elegantly designed armor. New materials and techniques give the sensation of a research laboratory where the products are born to be something more than just clothes.

The summer collection is bright and colorful, but don’t wait for the same from us this winter. We are going to present a rigid and severe line where again the key elements will be shape, silhouette and feelings. Materials will be minimalistic and discreet, and shape can be observed for hours. We do not produce clothes, we create engineering pictures of cut.

Work, creation, art.
How does the shape appear? Starts with a sketch? Modeling? Search. It can be a sudden flash of intuition when solving a complicated task or a long-time search for a simple shape.

We come to understanding that we are driven by something bigger than simply making clothes. We feel special making our clothes and these feelings are absorbed by our things. It is something deeper and more complicated. It is different. First you should make a careful examination of the garment, look at its stitches and details.

Then try on the sample of our experiment. What do you feel? Don’t keep this sensation in memory. It must come unexpectedly, through catching glances of strangers passing by or through a fleeting reflection in a mirror, like the noise which appears for an instant, makes dissonance and vanishes.

We are again pursued by religious motives expressed in traditional monk robes. As the adaptation of inspiration sources and reflection of related emotions they are transferred to our vision of looks in FW18 season. A different sensation, a different perception of usual things. A mysterious meaning in ordinary things and fine details as our manner of work. Everything we do belongs not only to us.

Grey is new black.
To escape from the reality of the overwhelming black color, we have chosen dark grey.
This season shades of smartness and sophistication in the dark color are an attempt to get rid of feelings and to let the clothes and their color speak for themselves.

Our emotions are reflected in this musical composition.
Sound creation and reproduction of feelings conducted by Composer - Mr. Pepper and practice pagan traditions Ninazu,

inspired a collection 139DEC