Who I am?

The aesthetic image of a man of the summer of 2019, we seriously thought about this question of who we are and how we see the collection of this season.

In a changeable modern status, in concrete cities, in the world of technology and continuous movement, we are looking for something not real, not perceptible as an illusion of another space where borders are blurred and we are in continuous search for a new one.

The textures of the material seem to be spoken to us like old parchment, mantra transmitted in the generation of followers.

Exposing uniforms, turned inside out jackets like a portal to another dimension, where you were at rest 7 minutes ago, and a moment later found the feeling of uneasy trepidation.

The impulse of unconsciousness, provocation and rebellion.
The shaman in the urban environment, in the concrete jungle, where the sounds of the crowd and the signals of the machines go to the general noise merging with reality, but you hear this elven voice and you go to the call of a new adventure of life